Olive Oil


Extra Virgin Olive Oil
100% italian

Ostro is an extra virgin olive oil obtained from Raggiolo, Canino, Cipressino, Leccino, Moraraiolo and Pendolino variety olives, separately cultivated and harvested before completely ripe, and taken within a few hours in a continual cycle to the Manciano olive oil mill which works on them during the same day.
This allows the organoleptic characteristics and nutritional value of each variety to be maintained, as well as making the difference in terms of taste and quality. The oil is later stored in stainless steel containers at a controlled temperature and with a com- plete absence of oxygen.
To highlight the typical elements of the olive oil produced in the hilly areas of the Maremma region the harvest of the olives takes place during the veraison phase, and solely in the order in which the various varieties ripen. The cultivation of the varities thus cultivated allow the production of a blend that unites the organoleptic properties of every single variety. It is in this way that Ostro distinguishes itself by a strong fruity aroma, accompanied by notes of almond, ripe fruit, artichoke and green leaf.

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