Peeled Tomatoes


‘O Core Rosso

Peeled Cuore di Bue Tomatoes

This recipe owes its origins to an old family tradition, whereby rural households used to produce Cuore di Bue preserves with the tomatoes growing in the vegetable gardens across the island of Isca – the little Italian island acquired by Eduardo De Filippo in the immediate post-war period and source of great inspiration for several of his masterpieces.
When the Scovaventi Farm was established in the Maremma countryside, it appeared natural to plant the same autochthonous tomato varieties, recalling the uniqueness of Isca while celebrating the scents of the Sorrentine Peninsula. With the intent of preserving these unique aromas, we have decided to produce a variety of peeled tomatoes bred from a cultivar in danger of extinction, and not generally used for preserves.
Our initiative begins with the Cuore di Bue, a sweet tomato, characterised by a thin peel, few seeds and low acidity.

Description: Italian product. Fully produced from tomatoes processed by the Scovaventi Farm. Harvested and peeled by hand.
Farming Method: Transitioning to organic. The Scovaventi Farm has been continuing a long tradition of chemical free agricultural practices, in the full respect of the environment.
Harvesting Period: July - August - September
Harvesting Method: Manual
Ingredients: Cuore di Bue tomatoes, basil leaves and salt.
Guidances: This product does not contain preservatives, artificial colouring or added aromas. Store in a cold, dry place, away from strong light. Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within few days.

Glass Pot:
400 g
800 g